How To Make Round Faces Look Thinner

To forget a few extra pounds, the clothes are useful, but the hairstyles too! We present our hairstyle tips to create the illusion of a slimmer face.

Yes, the hairstyle can replace the sport! It goes without saying that it’s even better to combine the two: exercise helps you lose weight, but also to stay healthy. For the moment, let’s dedicate ourselves to the least tiring part of our slimming mission: find a hairstyle to refine a round face.

What hairstyles to ban if you have a round face?

round faceAvoid the straight hair combo like chopsticks, long and with a stripe in the middle, as well as the square ball to avoid accentuating the roundness of your face .

Too smooth hairstyles often give a flat look to round faces. But if you are already have a short hairstyle, you need to pick some short haircuts for round faces

Also avoid excessive volumes that may accentuate the curves of your face.

What are the hairstyle tips to look slimmer?

What are the cuts, fringes and hairstyle tips that create the illusion of a thinner face? The choice of hairstyles is huge. They are all relaxed, but well structured to make your face look longer.

For example, a fringe gradient framing the face is an excellent thinness tip. It creates movement in the hair and flatters the rather round faces.

In addition to a good cut, bet on the wicks to bring structure to your hairstyle.

In any case, the hairstyle should never be too strict, nor straight hair like chopsticks. Favor the soft undulations that caress the area of ​​the eyes and cheeks. Ideally, opt for a slightly wavy mid-length square cut that gives the impression of a thinner face and make a round face look thinner.

Other hairstyle tips

A high ponytail, a bun high just under the top of the skull, or a sauerkraut at the Amy Winehouse create the illusion of a longer face. The crepe and raised hairstyles also make you look bigger. Similarly, the banana bun and the half-tail with a wick on the front or a crepe fringe lengthen and refine the face.

A long and straight hair fringe is rarely advantageous to slim down a round face. Prefer the rounded fringes that frame the face smoothly, or a fringe diagonally down to at least the cheeks. To look slimmer overall, never cut your bangs too short.

Another hairstyle to avoid

The ponytail all smooth. Rear-facing hair draws attention to the area between the cheeks and the chin, where the extra pounds are most visible. Instead, opt for a casual ponytail, with some crazy strands that caress the face at the temples.

Too imposing, the retro and voluminous loops in the Hollywood spirit tend to weigh down the face.

Finally, know that short cuts do not flatter round faces. To hide a few extra pounds, bet on long hair – all the lengths that go from the chin to the chest are more flattering. If necessary, do not hesitate to cheat with hair extensions.