What does it mean when you have split ends?

Teenagers and adults have a busy schedule and ever increasing expectations about how to improve the overall health and style of their hair. They suffer from hair split ends and think about how they can get rid of this difficulty. They have to be aware of the basics of the split ends and hair growth process at first. In general, hair grows from the root.

The end of the hair is the oldest part of the hair. The length of the hair is an important factor to decide on how long the ends with humans. You have washed, straightened or styled your hair several times. You have also used sweaters, scarves, hats and hair style products. Your hair has seen cold, dry, windy and humid days. As a result, split ends of hair are natural.

Is it bad to have split ends? Split ends are a sign of unhealthy and damaged hair. If your hair splits once, then your hair will be splitting further. Split ends make damaged hair susceptible to further breakage and damage. This is worthwhile to cut your split ends and start a step to get healthy hair on a regular basis.

causes of split ends

There are many signs of hair split ends revealed by experts in the hair care issues. However, some of these signs to keep an eye for are as follows.

  • Hair gets tangled
  • Visual splits near the ends of the hair
  • Thin strands of broken hair
  • Dry ends
  • Hair does not seem to grow anymore

Split ends of hair cause hair to look parched near the ends of the hair. Damaged hair loses its smoothness and shine. The split ends keep the hair unable to retain its moisture as its stripped lipid protective layers. Sufferers of unruly, coarse and dry ends of hair these days think about how to get back healthy hair without any complexity. They have to concentrate on the main causes of split ends on natural hair right now and ensure about an easy way to improve their hair growth at a good level. The following details explain you about causes of split ends.

  • Physical damage and manipulation
  • Heat
  • Friction
  • Environment
  • Internal factors

split ends

Physical damage and manipulation include detangling, brushing, styling, handling and touching your hair. These processes gradually break down the cuticle. Almost every heat tool leads the split ends. This is because excessive heat causes the maximum damage to hair ends stressed by other factors. Individuals who have healthy hair these days follow the best suitable hairstyle and haircare issues suggested by experts.

Some fabrics and materials cause some damages to cuticle. This is advisable to reduce the usage of the sweaters, scarves and hats as these things develop the split ends. Diet and water, you drink play the main roles behind the overall health of your hair. If you suffer from the protein-deficiency, malnourishment and dehydration, then you get ever-increasing possibilities for split ends.  You have to follow a healthy diet plan on a regular basis and focus on how to successfully enhance the health further.